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from a dream to reality

Since 2019


Our farming roots began generations ago in eastern North Carolina when our families on both sides raised food and sometimes animals to either eat or sell to provide for the family. Bev and Anthony decided to carry on this tradition on their farm by farming Hemp and carry it forward by partnering with their niece Ashlie who is a Health Coach to develop a line of CBD products.  We are all learning as we go and putting in every effort on this journey to create high quality products for our customers. 

 In our first season, each plant was hand planted the day that Bev and Anthony's daughter Bethany delivered their first grandchild, Lucas.  Over the growing season, we all watched the plants and Lucas grow.  Bev cared for each one of those plants like they WERE her babies.  She hand weeded and monitored plants on a daily basis to ensure that only the healthiest and cleanest plants made it to harvest, Anthony helped of course.  At harvest time, we were blessed by the help of Nate (Bev and Anthony's son) and other friends and family to harvest our plants at peek CBD potency. 


We are very excited for this family venture and look forward to watching it grow. 

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